Otto Künecke GmbH   Otto Künnecke GmbH
  • Base and Advance systems for inteligent inserting of documents
  • Card Mailing Systems
  • CISS - Card Inspection & Sorting Systems
  • EISS – Envelope Inspection & Sorting Systems
  • PPS – Passport Packing Systems
  • PHS – PIN Handling Systems
  • SCS - Sheet Colating System
Digitalni štampači velikih brzina

Nipson Digital Printing Systems PLC – Print Beyond Limits
  • DiHigh-speed digital printing systems and related consumables for black & white continious variable data printing
  • Magnetography and Cold Fusing System make no problem to print on the diferent substrates: Paper, Labels, Plastic foils...
Intercom Computer Systems GmbH

Intercom Computer Systems GmbH
  • Host storage systems, PC-Host connectivity and networking for the IBM and Siemens large-scale computer peripherie
  • Printing or Connectivity between different computer platforms such as mainframes, UNIX systems, NT or personal computer

Mitcom applied engineering Ltd. & Co. KG

Mitcom applied engineering Ltd. & Co. KG
  • Mitcom is the leading manufacturer of devices for counting various plastic cards, envelopes, travel documents, CD/DVDs and various other things. In short, everything that needs to be counted correctly and accurately. Mictom, a German company with extensive experience in producing first-class Counting Machines gained great confidence of many users around the world by its precision and reliability.